• Breaking
    Google Nirkabel

    Mesin pencari dunia maya, Google secara resmi telah mengumumkan akan merambah ke layanan nirkabel. Google‘s head of Android Sundar Pichai mengatakan, dalam waktu dekat Google akan mengumumkan kemitraan dengan operator nirkabel dan perusahaan lainnya. Dua perusahaan yang disebut akan digandeng Google yakni T-Mobile dan Sprint. Pichai mengatakan, tujuan Google merambah ke layanan Nirkabel yakni untuk menampilkan inovasi mobile terbaru yang belum ada di pasaran. Contohnya, Teknologi […]

  • Breaking
    Microsoft HoloLens

    Menggunakan komputer seperti Iron Man Microsoft HoloLens adalah produk pertama Microsoft di pasar augmented reality. Perangkat ini dijalankan bersama dengan Windows 10. HoloLens ini merupakan perangkat yang sangat canggih. Perangkat ini dikatakan canggih karena benar-benar bisa secara sempurna menggabungkan benda di dunia nyata dan digital pada waktu itu juga (real-time), hal ini sesuai dengan pengertian […]

  • Entertainment
    Regardless of the Microsoft, Nokia Prepare Phablet Mercury ?

    According to the explanation of one of the staff of Head of Marketing and Communication PT Nokia Solutions and Networks said that the company would soon discuss the possibility of ‘come back’ till 2016. His company will consider the production of smartphones after 2016 because it is a boundary agreement with Microsoft. But not yet […]

  • Seo Tips
    Priority Your Visitors Not Search Engines

    Most of the website owners give priority to search engine ranking instead of providing quality information to the visitors, which is wrong. This approach of the website owners is the main thing because of that maximum number of websites gets penalized whenever new search engine updates is announced. Actually, the SEO professionals always prepare their […]

  • Seo Tips
    Ethical Seo Is More Important Than Unethical Seo

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be an important and effective element of your larger marketing strategy. At the same time, one can also use it in a dishonest or unethical way. SEO is generally a method of boosting rankings by linking to quality content and not as many believe, a way to trick search […]

  • Seo Tips
    Prevent Seo Mistake From Ruining Your Website

    The majority of the people spend a tremendous fortune and time in concentrating on the right strategies that will wind up deserting to keep the wrong moves from happening. Web indexes ended up being so best in class nowadays that they are doing a ton than what used to be acknowledged SEO mistakes of the […]

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